breathe movement studio inc.

breathe movement studio inc.

June 2014

Hard to believe we have already welcomed the middle of the year!

Lisa and Meghan have a few things going on to celebrate the healthy decisions that you have made so far…

Lisa is offering a movement workshop running Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 8th-September 4th
(come move with us through a series of weekly appointments)
These are in duos only so lots of attention will be given.
Call Lisa soon to see if there is still space available.
Check out our Facebook page to learn more.

Meghan will be going away in August so be sure to call Lisa so that you stay moving…


July 19 (830-1030)
July 26 (8-10)
August 2 (830-1030)

Come in and learn the homework series for your personal practice for use everyday 

the course fee is $40 (unless you don’t have supplies) it will go 2 hours you will need scrubbing mitts (+$10) and a foam roller (+$25) so if you don’t have these let me know and Meghan can order them and have them for you when you arrive.

call for more details :)


…happy spirals…

to you and your successes!
may your goals be limitless!


welcome to the online home of breathe movement studio inc. feel free to look around, and call/text/email to sign up for a class or private session!