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Group Lessons


Group classes are performed on the pulley towers for GYROTONIC® or with the use of a stool and a mat for GYROKINESIS®. These classes move through a variety of exercises. It is encouraged that you take private lessons prior so that you understand how the equipment is set up for the class so that you feel comfortable and confident during a group session. 


There is a limit to 4 people for both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® in person classes. This allows for a smaller group atmosphere that provides positive support and encouragement from other students and also gives you the ability to receive proper corrections and hands on from your instructor. 


We offer GYROKINESIS® classes currently as a pop up classes and will resume in the new year on a more consistent basis. Tactile and verbal reminders are given throughout the in-person class. 

Interested in group classes? Click the desired class below to schedule.


***all GYROKINESIS® classes will ask for payment in order to register*** 

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