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Private Lessons

Private lessons utilize both the pulley towers as well as the specialized equipment. Each lesson focuses specifically on you and your movement strengths and restrictions. While we plan for each session as a way to help you achieve your goals we also are prepared to work with you and any new things that come up in-between your visits

Are you new to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®Privates are a great way to begin your practice if you've never studied before. We suggest doing this in the beginning because it helps you with modifications and teaches you how to access the proper breath, strength, and form for success. Ideally twice a week of the first 5 weeks is best. 

Practicing for a while? Private lessons help you focus on your specific body in assisting it to move and strength in places that you find difficult. Adding these into your weekly schedule will help you to strengthen in your group classes. The one on one approach provides hands on throughout the session and 100% focus on you. 

Interested in studying with us? Check out our instructors below. 

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