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Want to stay limber and relaxed for your session or for daily life? Breathe's 2.5 inch Massage Therapy Ball Set is perfect for massaging your body prior to your movement practice or any time during the day. The balls are perfect for helping with deep tissue massages and also come in an easy-to-transfer tote bag.


  • 2 therapy balls.
  • Rubber balls.
  • At-home deep tissue massage.
  • Rubs out adhesions and tension.
  • Comes in small tote bag.


  • Designed for stretching & massage.
  • Soft myofacial, deep tissue release massage balls, 2.5" diameter (about the size of a racquet ball). Soft rubber, but because it is not hollow, it will provide resistance to pressure. 
  • Each pair comes with a convenient mesh sack 
  • Easy to use, a must-have selfcare tool for breaking up adhesions and easing muscular discomfort 
  • Convenient to be used anywhere, can easily fit in your luggage.

Massage Ball Set

expected mid November
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