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"I was first introduced to Meghan at Breathe Movement Studio shortly after my second son was born.  After a long pregnancy & then holding a baby all day long my body was starting to feel awful! After my first session with Meghan I knew I had found my perfect fit! Not only am I coming closer to my pre-baby body goal, but I also feel 2 inches taller & very relaxed when I leave! I look forward to my session every week & would highly recommend Gyrotonic & this studio to anyone!"


"Gyrotonic is amazing! You do an exercise once and it seems sooo hard, but the next time you do it its easier. My strength has increased very quickly. You see results quickly and they last. I have gotten some definition in my arms. That has never happened! I love that it is an overall body workout that is ever changing. My flexibility and strength have grown so much and I know they will keep increasing. I feel better than I ever have!"



"When you enter the studio of Breathe you are greeted with a warm hello and a question “How are you doing today? From the very beginning of each session you are the focus of Meghan Jones. She never stops searching for the best ways to help you improve the condition of your body.  New ideas, new techniques are introduced with regularity as she looks for ways to help you along I have worked with Meghan for over four years during which I have grown older but also stronger and better! Day by day, session by session, I have improved.  Often there is sweat on my brow as she gently pushes for more, using a combination of humor and guidance. The hour is a collaboration of the two of us. And when the hour is finished, there is a clear sense of accomplishment.


So that’s a skill in teaching the Gyrotonic method, constant thoughts of how to use Gyrotonic theories and movements to fit your particular needs, and a teacher who treats you with grace and dignity while she encourages you to give more and more. She has given me a sense of confidence as I go forward. And when I left my last session, we laughed over something and then I turned to her, sweat on my brow, and said to her, least it’s never boring. And I keep coming back for more."


"I have had the privilege to participate in Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic and Gyrotonic Cobra Duos as well as taking a Rolling Around workshop. I am a believer in this method and Meghan’s enthusiastic, patient and dedicated approach to training. It is the perfect combination of challenging (mentally and physically), exhilarating and humbling.  The variety of equipment in the studio, The Cobra, Leg Extension Unit and Archway, as well as Mat Work provide an infinite number of possibilities to become stronger, leaner, more flexible and more energetic. ‘Gyro’ has given me a good understanding of my body and its potential, the confidence to push and challenge myself in every class and the desire to set and reach achievable goals. I appreciate the investment Meghan has made in herself, her staff and the variety of equipment and continued training and workshops she attends to stay relevant and current. This enables her to offer new ideas and insights which help me learn and grow with this amazing method!"



"My experience at Breathe Movement Studio has been nothing short of fantastic. It started after I noticed a business card for Breathe, a Gyrotonic Studio, at my local health food store, and was immediately intrigued! I wondered, what could this be!? I started thinking up a myriad of exercise possibilities, immediately had to look up Gyrotonic and Breathe Movement Studio on the internet, and had to try it. I had been doing weightlifting, and had been lightly dabbling in other exercise modalities for the past six months, but Gyrotonic was not only going to strengthen me, but bring movement into all planes of my body, allowing my spine to dance and move in all its natural directions. This was a huge selling point to me as at the time I was studying audio engineering and teaching guitars, both activities had me hunched over a computer or guitar, and their effects on my posture were noticeable. I took the plunge and went to Breathe. From the moment I entered I had felt welcomed. I had come in, unscheduled, out of curiosity, and Meghan quickly enrolled me into a one on one introductory session. I have continued ever since!"


"There is not enough praise that can be said of Meghan and her studio. She is personable and friendly, making you feel comfortable the instant you enter. She possesses a doctorate like level of knowledge on the muscular skeletal system, knows and believes in the Gyrotonic system inside and out, has an impeccable attention to detail that allows her to point out and help you with any problem your having, and encourages and motivates you to excel and be better with every visit. The studio is kept clean and inviting, equipped with the latest Gyrotonic equipment and is flexible to your schedule."

"I have been regularly visiting Breathe for the past 9 months and have noticed a huge improvement. I have a stronger core, my spine and hips move with more fluidity, gained definition on muscles of my legs and back I didn’t even know I had, and my posture is greatly improved. Not only have I noticed the physical benefits but mental as well. With the improvement in posture came added confidence, a strengthening of my mind-body connection, and a general uplifting of positive moods. Its for this I express deep gratitude to Meghan and wish her and Breathe Studio nothing but great things for the future."


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