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Yukiko Itoh Hermawan


Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Certified on Specialized Equipment


Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrated Health

Master of Arts in Health and Nutrition


Yukiko began her GYROTONIC® journey back in July of 2018. She lived right next door to a GYROTONIC® studio in Manhattan until 2021, and before COVID-19, she regularly went to the studio and liked to get her body in shape early in the morning before going to work. However, COVID-19 cast a dark shadow on such a lifestyle. The city was locked down, and the studio closed.  Working from home caused her to sit a lot, and her back pain and stiff shoulders became chronic. This lifestyle change led Yukiko to want to learn more about the health of the human body in terms of exercise. She began studying to become a GYROTONIC® instructor to help condition herself, her family, and friends who had similar complaints.


Yukiko is a nutritionist. Therefore, she knows how essential a nutritious and balanced diet is for good health, but also exercise is crucial for mental and physical well-being.  Yukiko sees many of her clients improve their health when incorporating exercise into the recommended diet.


Yukiko moved to Greenwich in September 2021 to be closer to nature and was lucky enough to find a very charming GYROTONIC® studio not far away. Yukiko is grateful to be a team member at this studio, where good vibes flow, and she hopes to grow with and contribute to everyone.  Please feel free to contact her.  


She is looking forward to meeting you.

Cost per 1 hour session is $90.

An invoice will be sent out after your session. 

No payments are currently taken for Yukiko via the website.

Click the mail icon to email Yukiko directly.

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