501 East Boston Post Road,

Second Floor
Mamaroneck NY 10543


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Complete freedom of movement is facilitated in all planes of motion. A progressional series of exercises are organized focusing on moving the entire body with and without the need for specialized equipment. 

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible health and wellness for you. We are an educational studio focused on each individual person's journey through movement. Find out more about each of us.

Our schedule of workshops, teacher trainings, specialized classes, and guest instruction is always growing. Let us know if there is something that you are looking for or have been waiting to be announced.

*Originally born in Buffalo we are now blossoming in Mamaroneck*


exclusive & fully equipped


  • 3 GYROTONIC® Pulley towers

  • 2 Leg Extension Units

  • Archway

  • Jumping Stretching Board


  • Ladder

  • Infrared Sauna

  • Massage Therapy

We look forward to welcoming you!

Come breathe, move, and be inspired.

love, laughter, & light

Meghan Anne

In 2008, it began in a corner of a small pilates studio with one Cobra tower for GYROTONIC® privates and handful of GYROKINESIS® 

classes. In 2011, Meghan moved herself to a larger location and opened her doors in the southtowns of Buffalo, NY and officially named it Breathe Movement Studio Inc. She joined Zelasko Soft Tissue & Spine and created what became an amazing wellness relationship with a fantastic Chiropractor & ART specialist. This allowed for the opportunity to grow further adding another Cobra, a Leg Extension Unit, and an Archway.

Now Meghan has grown and so has the studio! Breathe is located across the state in the beautiful town of Mamaroneck. We hope that our new home will be as inviting and exciting as the rest of our journey has. The space is open and beautiful. Group GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® classes have been added to the regular schedule and the studio continues to grow. Teacher Trainings and workshops are consistently being added to the schedule. Please reach out if you would like to be added to our mailing list!

about breathe

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"When you enter the studio of Breathe you are greeted with a warm hello and a question “How are you doing today? From the very beginning of each session you are the focus of Meghan Jones. She never stops searching for the best ways to help you improve the condition of your body.  New ideas, new techniques are introduced with regularity as she looks for ways to help you along I have worked with Meghan for over four years during which I have grown older but also stronger and better! Day by day, session by session, I have improved.  Often there is sweat on my brow as she gently pushes for more, using a combination of humor and guidance. The hour is a collaboration of the two of us. And when the hour is finished, there is a clear sense of accomplishment."