Brian Miller

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor 

Licensed GYROKINESIS® Instructor

Brian comes from a background in music and brings the balance of rhythm to his sessions. He has studied with Master Trainers of all varieties including Lisa Lansing and Bill Macagnone. He has also completed the Wingmaster program developed by Mike Luque.


He is excited to explore how movement can positively affect your life experience. As a GYROTONIC® Trainer Brian has worked with very different styles of clients from aspiring Professional Ballet Dancers through to clients who are doing movement work to make themselves stronger prior to having surgery so that they are prepared for their rehabilitation period.   One trait that all of these clients have in common is the curiosity to explore how different movements can affect change in their bodies. While movement systems are defined by specific motions, how they relate to a persons body changes is based on a number of varying elements, and these subtle elements are what Brian is most curious about with his clients.