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There are benefits to privates, semi-privates, and classes.

The most important thing is form. Without good form injuries can occur.


How do you arch? How do you curl? When do you breathe… and how? What is the intention of the movement? These are questions that many students do not yet know the answer to when they arrive. As a result we encourage your first 5-15 visits to be private instruction. Students with physical issues or extreme goals are encouraged to schedule private sessions so that more energy can be focused on resolving the issues and/or achieving their goals. Privates allow each student the benefit of instruction that focuses on the basic fundamentals of the methodology. Once the fundamentals are understood then the sky’s the limit and each new exercise will grow to be more dynamic and intense.

As you grow in your practice you’ll want to keep moving. You have now established strength and understanding of the fundamentals and can begin to incorporate them with each and every movement. Semi-Privates allow you to work along side a friend/student with similar goals and physical issues. They are less expensive therefore giving you the option to practice more often. Having someone to workout with on a regular basis can be a form of support and “healthy” competition. 


When say competition we are referring to the one within yourself. The one that says “I can do better than last time… I’m so happy that I have the strength to do that now…” By having this friend working beside you each session you will hear compliments and encouragement from them as well. You may find ease in an exercise that they don’t and you may struggle with something that they do with ease. Having a visual and being able to watch this person will give you assistance while trying to work through something that you struggle with.


Classes make life easy. You will not know who is in your class but you will go through many exercises that you know and you will also be challenged by those you do not. It is NOT encouraged to jump into a class without knowing anything about the methodology. We offer Introductory packages as Private sessions only for this reason. Classes are a great way to challenge yourself through movement sequences that you are not used to. Each class is different than another. The focus is on rhythm and a well rounded program for all the participants.

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