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We are so excited to meet you!

To make your life easier here are a few things that may be helpful to you before your first visit:

Please print & fill out the intake form and bring it into the studio. This will save you time and we will be able to spend more time moving 

  • What to Wear?
    Please wear whatever you are the most comfortable in. You will want to have clothing that does not restrict movement, such as yoga pants or sweatpants. If you choose to wear shorts we encourage them to be tight or to have a tight layer underneath for modesty’s sake. (There are movements that involve your legs in the air.) T-shirts & tank tops are great for the upper body. Every person is different, so to acclimate yourself to the environment layers are encouraged. These will not only allow your body comfort prior and into the workout, but also maintain a protective cool down after your session.
  • What to Bring?
    We have filtered hot and cold water available to you at the studio. If you choose to refill your water bottle we simply ask that you avoid touching the spigot to maintain a sanitary environment for all. Towels are available for use during your session but we ask that you bring your own if possible. If you come more than once a week we may ask you to label your towel and set it aside in a cubbie for your next visit. After your session there is a hamper for you to put anything you used in the studio that needs to be laundered.
  • Amenities
    The studio has a changing room available to you upon your arrival. Please bring all of your belongings out afterward and place them in the baskets provided. This way your personal things are secure and in your eyesight. This will also allow the next person arriving the ability to use the room. There is a restroom in the hallway.
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